Work placements and internships are a core component of EMILDAI’s curriculum that contribute to fostering academic excellence in the learning experience by providing students with practical, transversal, communication and interpersonal skills.

Non-contributing, optional work placements will be offered during the summer of Year 1 (May-August) in Ireland, France, Spain or Italy. EMILDAI partners have developed a catalogue of public and private organisations willing to offer internships, including major tech companies, public authorities and research institutions. Detailed information is provided to the students at the beginning of their first year at DCU.

A variety of curricular internships and professionalisation activities take place in the second year of the EMILDAI programme. In semester 3 at Aignon Université, students are supported in preparing for their semester 2 internship at Avignon Université/Università di Pisa through the ‘Professional Practice’ educational unit. This encompasses a module on Digital players, which will allow students to prepare, lead and report on a public conference at which professional or academic digital players are invited; the module Tutored Project for which students will work in teams following a project management process managed by partner organisations in relation to GDPR, open data, transparency of algorithms, etc.); and the module Professionalization and Internship Search that will specifically support students in their research and preparation for their semester 2 professionalisation internship at Avignon Université/Università di Pisa.

In semester 4, both Law and Computing Stream students will pursue a curricular internship at, respectively, Università di Pisa and Avignon Université. Study Track B Computing students completing year 2 at Universidad de León will have the possibility to complete a work placement in both semester 3 and 4, which will be supported and assessed in the modules Practicum I, II and III.

See what our students have to say about internship opportunities in EMILDAI in their presentation at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Kyoto 2023.