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Data Cooperatives – Call for Papers

The University of Bologna, within the framework of the Third Mission Project on “Data Cooperatives”, recently envisaged in the EU legal system by Reg. 868/2022 (Data Governance Act), together with the Project Partners, intends to address the academic and scientific community as well as the business and institutional world, promoting an in-depth study on this topic, with the aim of achieving an advancement of knowledge in this field.

To this end, seven calls for papers & participation are proposed, on relevant macro-topics. For each of them, non-exhaustive lists are then suggested of possible topics on which to focus. It is also possible to propose papers on additional topics, as long as they are relevant to Data Cooperatives. Accepted papers will be included in the project publications, under creative commons licence CC-by-nc-nd, in the publishing channels and on the website of the Third Mission Project on Data Cooperatives. Authors will be involved in dissemination activities (conferences, seminars, round tables), planned to start in June 2024. Papers may be submitted in Italian or English. By submitting the paper the authors expressly authorise publication and dissemination in the aforementioned licence, within the framework of the Project activities.