Visiting Fellow Programmes

The DCU Law and Tech Research Cluster, in collaboration with EMILDAI, is pleased to announce the launch of two exceptional visiting programmes. For those seeking to engage in a dynamic academic atmosphere, DCU extends a warm invitation for a semester-long opportunity to join a diverse community of interdisciplinary scholars.

Our Visiting Fellow Programmes

EMILDAI Visiting Research Fellow

The EMILDAI Visiting Fellow position offers an exceptional opportunity for researchers specialising in the intersection of law, data, and AI. This programme encourages scholars to join a team of leading experts across disciplines to explore the evolving technological landscape and how it shapes the legal world.

Digital Constitutionalism Network Visiting Fellow

The Digital Constitutionalism Network Visiting Fellow position provides a focused platform for researchers dedicated to advancing knowledge in digital constitutionalism. Gathering scholars from a wide range of jurisdictions and backgrounds, the Digital Constitutionalism Network is continuously delving into the complexities of constitutional law in the digital age.

Why Choose the EMILDAI Visiting Fellowship at DCU?

Dynamic Research Community

Join an interdisciplinary and diverse research community that thrives on collaboration. Engage with experts from various backgrounds, fostering a rich learning environment.

Leading Disciplines

Both DCU’s Law and Tech Research Cluster and the Digital Constitutionalism Network delve into cutting-edge areas such as digital constitutionalism, platform regulation, legal tech, data governance and Artificial Intelligence.

Opportunity to Contribute

As a visiting fellow, you will have the chance to contribute your expertise to ongoing projects, accessing resources available at Dublin City University, enhancing your academic profile, and leaving a lasting impact.

Application Process

Applications for the EMILDAI Visiting Fellow and the Digital Constitutionalism Network Visiting Fellow at DCU are open on a rolling basis. We offer one position for each programme every semester, providing flexibility for interested individuals to apply at their convenience.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to scholars with all levels of seniority, from PhD researchers to Full Professors.

How to Apply

Applications or informal enquiries for both, the EMILDAI and the Digital Constitutionalism Network Visiting Fellow must be sent to

Join us at the DCU Law and Tech Research Cluster and be part of our innovative team!

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