Exploring EMILDAI: Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders in Data Science and AI Ethics

This event has ended.
December 21st
12pm GMT

Welcome to a webinar dedicated to unravelling the transformative journey offered by EMILDAI (European Master in Law, Data and AI), a pioneering program at the forefront of Law and AI Ethics. Hosted by Dublin City University (DCU), this webinar is designed to introduce aspiring students to the multifaceted dimensions and profound opportunities within the EMILDAI Masters program.

EMILDAI represents a groundbreaking collaboration across four European institutions, empowering individuals to become visionary leaders equipped with a comprehensive understanding of law, computing, and the ethical implications of AI technologies. Throughout this webinar, participants will embark on an exploration of the program’s core elements, ranging from its innovative curriculum structure to the real-world applications and ethical considerations ingrained within its framework.

Esteemed current students will share their insights and experiences, illuminating the program’s pivotal role in shaping ethical AI practices and fostering responsible decision-making in complex digital landscapes.

This webinar serves as a gateway for aspiring students to explore the pluridisciplinary and international aspects of the program. Attendees will receive comprehensive guidance on the application process, scholarships, and the diverse resources available within the rich EMILDAI network.

Join us on December 21st at 12pm GMT as we embark on an enlightening journey to uncover the potential of EMILDAI.